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We provide our clients with re-entry positioning, site-specific survey, subsea wellhead positioning, USBL services and rig positioning.


Mitang Brasil provides a complete service onboard and remote services of  drilling rigs, platforms, floating productiong systems including FPSO, FSOS and Barges.

The Mitang team uses real-time navigation systems to rig moves, generating coordinates and positioning updates using DGPS and rig headings using gyro equipment. These technologies interface with our navigation software to produce real-time rig move positioning.

Telemetry systems allow for instantaneous communication and tracking of support vessels as well as precise anchor positioning on the seabed. Acoustic transponders may also be employed to facilitate rig moves.

  • Rig moves: semi-submersible, alongside platform jack-up and acoustic re-entry

  • FPSO positioning, heading control and hook-up

  • Offshore navigation services

  • Subsea well-head positioning

  • USBL services

Mitang Brasil offer software to facilite rig move and tug management.

The software is able to planning and real-time solution for rig moves, anchor handling and tug boat control. This option is to be installed on the rig/barge, typically used together with a number of tug boats. 

  • Live 3D display with updated positions of all assets on site, including rig, tugs, other vessels, anchors, anchor chains, risers.

  • Positioning of rig/barge and tug boats

  • Runline definitions for rig and tug boats

  • Remote control of tug boats

  • Specific functionality for anchor pick-up, drop etc

  • Communication between rig and tug boats using radio, mesh or wifi technologies.

  • Planning of anchor patterns

  • Real-time calculation of anchor/riser position in water based on materials, actual positions and water current measurements

  • Real-time calculation of tensions using actual rig/barge position and known anchor positions. Useful for non-intrusive monitoring of anchored structures

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