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Seabed Survey

Mitang Brasil supports subsea surveys globally, to remote parts of the world, from customer vessels or ROVs. These surveys help our clients understand the condition and composition of the seabed so they can make better decisions about installation, decommissioning, dredging and conservation plans.


Inspection support

Mitang has developed considerable experience in providing survey service using all sensor mounted on ROV to collect seabed and pipeline data.

We are versed ​​ in working alongside and supporting customers' inspection department. By working together throughout the lifecycle of a project, we ensure that every detail is discussed, planned and executed.


Marine Geophysics

We perform data acquisition with all sensores mounted on the own ship using appropriate software and equipment.

  • MultiBeam Sonar System

  • Sub Bottom Profiler

  • Side Scan Sonar


Burial Support

Through experience, we know how important it is to provide our customers with burial data quickly and give them time to make important decisions about the repair work. Our funeral support services include:

  • trench opening support

  • tillage support

  • padding support

  • Simultaneous laying and burial of cables



Our metrology support services include technologies such as LBL acoustics, 3D sonar, photogrammetry and inertial. With extensive knowledge of subsea metrology, Mitang can help guide project teams in the right technique and technology for the project.

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We plan and implement efficient solutions in the areas of Environment, Subsea and Logistics, and Engineering to develop safe and sustainable operations at sea, on the coast or in the exploration of marine resources. The Underwater Camera System is part of a family of field-proven camera systems manufactured by Mitang for marine surveys.


Post-installation survey

Post-installation surveys confirm asset status and provide proof of completion and quality. Our experts are available to help review your research specifications and advise on effective techniques and technologies available for the job.


Wind Farm

Construction of an offshore wind farm requires knowledge of subsea conditions. We provide high-resolution multibeam sonars, magnetometers, side-scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, precision positioning and motion units, and ultra-short baseline underwater positioning sensors. Mitang provides the initial understanding of subsea conditions, which will inform the planning of the next phase – detailed geophysical and geotechnical surveys and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED).

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